• Fiscally, It Was Very Lit

    The final amount came in at just under R120k.

    It had taken me about four days to do all the necessary tallies: the bank loans, deathly interest and all; the credit card totals; the independent amounts of money I had loaned from friends and family; and the money my husband gave me two days before, which stopped my phone ringing ten to fifteen times a day like it had been for months.

    It was the beginning of February 2016. I had just broken a 12 month trend of lying, faking and detachment by confessing to my nearest and dearest that I was badly, devastatingly, potentially almost criminally in debt. Then I turned in the direction of some kind of redemption, drew up a budget and started making plans to pay it all back, as quickly and as painlessly as I could manage.

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  • Run To Me

    Starring: Archangels Michael and Gabriel.
    Setting: Modern angels AU.
    Wordcount: 1082.

    Notes: This prompt got completely out of control.

    Part 1 of Prompt Analects

    Gabriel doesn’t speak to him for weeks.

    The truth is, Michael doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. Except, the silent treatment begins after Uriel’s birthday party and there’s a lot of the night that Michael cannot remember. And he’s anxious because Uriel texted him the next day with vague allusions to the Lord’s chosen doing unspeakable, drunken things.

    Gabriel keeps saying nothing, ducks sideways when he sees Michael coming down the corridor and ignores the many texts and missed calls. Acts like they haven’t worked together for years, gone on many a-mission, fucking saved people side by side. Gabriel doesn’t even glance his way, ever.

    That’s why Michael is fucking flabbergasted to find Gabe in his office, sitting in his chair and incongruous, all soft blue leather and copper studding against the neutral decor, feet on the table, the sole of one boot adorned with a smear of ash from a recently crushed cigarette (angels are not supposed to goddamned smoke). Michael veers between hyperventilating and the fucking unholy heat clenching in his stomach.

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