01 / Andrea Cammorosano


My first dance instructor was the gorgeous, graceful and remarkably talented Christopher Kindo. There are so many things I could say about the man who arguably changed my life in one afternoon, but for the purposes of this, I reflect on the way he moved, for I have never seen anyone move the way he does. Yes, it was grace, but it was also a superb control over every muscle, a mastery over his body, a surety of skin and form that remains unmatched by any to this day.

Andrea Cammorosano, an Italian born designer, clearly appreciated this special kind of beauty, and saw it in André Atangana, a wanderer who improvised movement through Andrea’s spring/summer collection of 2016. According to all who witnessed the show, it was a gorgeous sensory experience, an intimate connection between audience, movement and fashion. Photographer André et François used his camera to capture that sheer emotion of the human form wrapped in luxury and stitching.

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