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It is important to understand that Karla Deras has always, always, exuded sexiness with a kind of unapologetic effortlessness and defiant confidence that has enthralled me for years. In a time when I really couldn’t have cared less for such things as fashion and style, I remained enchanted by both when woven together by Karla’s indomitably elegant eye. So when THE LINE BY K launched some years ago, I approached the whole endeavour with a sense of childlike wonder – dressing like Karla is a goal, but wearing something she designed? Iconic, in my eyes.

Over the years, not much has changed since the first time I laid eyes on the Gaby dress. I lust after each and every piece that the The Line brings out, rich with their distinctive curves and smooth tailoring. The fabric used looks absolutely luxurious and I cannot wait for the day when I have it wrapped around my own skin.

Perhaps my favourite, favourite thing about THE LINE BY K is the way they shoot their clothes. More often than not you get really, really tired of seeing the same-sized women modelling clothes that you’d love to wear but could never envision yourself in. I have ass and thighs, and for a long time, I didn’t see it a lot when I was looking at indie designers with cool ideas. Not so The Line, who introduced me to the bold, gorgeous world of Nadia Aboulhosn wearing a trademark bodyhugger and a pair of heels and slaying all who looked in her direction. To see such comfortable-looking, sexy clothing wrapped around bodies big and small made me smile, made me feel like everyone was welcome here. Karla has always felt most gloriously herself at all time, and the clothes she makes and the work she puts out reflect that. One hundred percent.

Also, lovers, I’d like a Gaby for Christmas.

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