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April 2018


Tendering And Loving And Caring

April 23, 2018

I am constantly surprised and delighted at the tangible impact of self-care — in my case, little but abiding actions that contribute, mainly, to a Life Lived Less Anxiously, with benefits that cascade through the rest of my experience. Particularly in the last year, wading through the swamp of rebuilding your life from scratch in a place you’ve never been to and don’t know at all. This will not be a recitation of my routine (which is undefined and abstract, at best) as that strays too closely to the realm of recommendation, something self-care is too individualised and unique for. Instead, these are notes from a world where I happily and mostly consistently support myself, a trend that peaked when I ensured I would never forget my keys inside my flat ever again. It’s a little bit a pat on the back, and a lot an ode to the unsung heroes keeping me from coming apart at the seams.